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About Dr. Riana Helmi

Riana Helmi is an Indonesian extremely talented female personality and one of the youngest doctors in Indonesia. She has done many amazing things that normal people can’t do. She studied at Gadjah Mada University and she achieved the tag which is the youngest person who achieves the medical degree at an early age. She completes her degree at the age of seventeen. But for her country restriction, she gets a Medical degree when she was nineteen.

Achievements List:

Raina Helmi is a genius and talented person. She is an Indonesian and she is one of the youngest female Medical Degree, at an early age.

In 2010, Riana Helmi was the youngest doctor not only in Indonesia but also globally.  When She was nineteen she acquired her medical degree which maker her in the spotlight. Riana earned laudation at her Medical School and professed her intellectual and social maturity. She finished her degree when she was seventeen. But She can’t get applies till 2010 her country ordain the rules of doctors.

Awards Names and Years:

Riana Helmi was once awarded by MURI as the youngest person to achieve a medical degree when her age was 17.

Riana Helmi

Riana Helmi Personal Info

Name: Riana Helmi 

Birth year:  March 22, 1991

Origin: Indonesian.

Birthplace: Banda Aceh, Indonesia. 

Current residence: 

Education: Riana Helmi did her medical studies at Gadjah Mada University.


Mother’s name: Rofiah Helmi.

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